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Discover our European Network

Rather than have offices around the world, we focus on partnering with regional, established businesses in order to pass the savings across to you. 

London skyline near AFS headquarters in Heathrow, West London
Duddesldorf germany, near where AFS German partners are based
Lallio in Italy, near where AFS Italian partners are based

Heathrow, London

Where AFS began and still home to our headquarters in Heathrow, West London. Our secure warehouse facilities offer flexible storage and warehousing services. Our strategic proximity to one of the world's busiest airports and main UK road networks enables us to streamline the transportation process, ensuring swift and seamless movement of goods.


Our team are also based in our HQ offices - feel free to schedule an appointment using our online form, or drop in to our offices. 

Düsseldorf, Germany

For over 30 years AFS has partnered with German freight forwarding specialists F RESSLE SPEDITION GMBH & CO.KG (est. 1803), one of Germany’s most established logistics providers, ensuring daily routes across Europe and connecting key hubs across Germany/UK.


Our combined modern fleet ensure we can handle your unique requirements, offering comprehensive freight services to and from Europe for full loads, part loads and groupage solutions.

Lallio, Italy

As we have expanded our fleet and network capacity, Italy has become another key hub for our transportation network, offering multiple weekly transportation services between Italy and the UK.

Working with our regional partner ItalianaCargo, we serve a number of clients with logistics requirements across Southern Europe. 

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