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We are an officially accredited Customs Broker agent - use the contact form below for all import/export enquiries and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Customs Clearance Enquiry

Why do I need a customs clearance agent? 

Customs clearance agents play a vital role in international trade, ensuring the imports & exports of goods across borders run as smoothly as possible. With every country holding a unique set of requirements, it is vital to have a reliable and experienced partner to ensure your goods get to where they need to be. 


We can offer both transport and customs clearance services, ensuring the transportation of your goods is as efficient as possible. 

AFS truck being unleaded in the yard

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Customs clearance agents work with your business to ensure all of the required documentation and licenses are completed and in place for your goods to clear UK borders. This includes ensuring any required duties or taxes are paid, as well as dealing with any customs authorities on behalf of your business.

Given the complex and ever-shifting regulatory requirements, customs can be another challenge to deal with for companies wanting to focus on their core business. 

What does it involve?

Why should I choose AFS?

AFS are experienced customs clearance agents and have cleared thousands of shipments entering/leaving the UK. We can offer customs clearance services whether we are the designated freight forwarder or as an independent agent.


By combining both transport and customs services with AFS, we can help clear support efficient operations and avoid the stress of losing time and money on your imports/exports. 

Yes, we are an officially accredited Customs Broker agent and can handle all UK import/export declaration as required. 

Do you offer customs clearance as well as transport?

Yes, our goods are backed for freight liability insurance ensuring you're covered for the worst should anything happen. 

Will my goods be insured with your service?

We have a fleet of vehicles dedicated solely to the UK, ensuring total domestic coverage as well as an extensive European network to ensure your goods can be delivered where they need to be. 

Do you deliver inside and outside the UK?

We are a full member of the British International Freight Associated (BIFA) and operate under their trading conditions. We are also a member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA).

Are you an accredited supplier?

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